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We provide advice aimed at growth, preservation, protection and the transfer of wealth.

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Zantboer & Partners provides its clients with high-quality tax advice and takes care of their fiscal and administrative needs. The Zantboer & Partners team has the necessary specialist knowledge and skills to provide wealthy persons and families with proper, customised advice.

For this purpose, we may work with your other consultants such as accountants and administrative offices, civil-law notaries, lawyers, family offices, asset managers, and trust offices.

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How we work

Specialised team

Our team of consultants has received extensive training and specialises in advising wealthy directors and major shareholders, and families. As a result, you can rely on our expertise and attentiveness. If you would like to receive advice on matters such as restructuring, estate planning or transfer of assets,contact our specialists now.

Meet the team Working for us

Denny Vermeer LL.M.


Denny Vermeer graduated in business law in 2009 and in tax law in 2011, both from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Denny started his career at Zantboer & Partners in 2008. Currently, he is ultimately responsible for the practice as a director, together with Roderik de Beukelaer. Denny provides family businesses and their shareholders with a broad range of advice on tax-related matters and focuses on structuring. Denny is ambitious and decisive, and highly focused on the development of team members and the firm as a whole.

Roderik de Beukelaer LL.M.


Roderik has worked at Zantboer & Partners since 2018. He is ultimately responsible for the practice as a director, together with Denny Vermeer. In 2008, he graduated in tax law from Tilburg University and in notarial law from Radboud University Nijmegen. Roderik has also completed the mediation training programme. He is involved in advising family businesses and wealthy individuals, with a focus on estate planning. He is a member of the Association of Collaborative Professionals and a teacher on the Family Law Legal Specialist training programme at the Institute for Mediation and Family Law Education (in Dutch, IMFO). Roderik is enthusiastic and competent and has strong problem-solving skills.