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Zantboer & Partners provides its clients with high-quality tax advice and takes care of their fiscal and administrative needs. The Zantboer & Partners team has the necessary specialist knowledge and skills to provide wealthy persons and families with proper, customised advice.

For this purpose, we may work with your other consultants such as accountants and administrative offices, civil-law notaries, lawyers, family offices, asset managers, and trust offices.

We stand for

Our specialists maintain close contact with you and therefore know exactly what you need, giving you peace of mind.
We work based on a principle of trust and put your and your family’s interests first.
We work with partners for a wide range of services, while remaining independent.
You have a fixed point of contact – a specialist who, together with you, is committed to the continuity of your wealth.
Waar Zantboer & Partners voor staat
On your side with mediative or strategic advice

Our vision

In 2005, Zantboer & Partners was founded by Christan Zantboer, as he saw that wealthy directors and major shareholders and families were in need of a firm that would provide advice on personal issues from a tax background. He had a clear vision: clients benefit the most from a compact, efficient organisation with a deep commitment. To this day, his vision is still the guiding principle at Zantboer & Partners. Roderik de Beukelaer and Denny Vermeer are currently tasked with the day-to-day management of Zantboer & Partners, and Christan’s involvement has formally ended..


Collaboration with partners

Zantboer & Partners has been an independent part of Moore DRV since 2015. As a result, we have a partner in the provision of a broad range of services to our clients, if required. Through Crossminds, Zantboer & Partners has the necessary expertise for the valuation of businesses. In addition, we often work with foreign partner firms through our international Moore Global network.

We focus on:

High Net Worth Individuals
Wealthy families or individuals, often current or former shareholders of (family) businesses, who require advice at the highest level
Highly Exposed Individuals
CEOs, CFOs, supervisory directors and supervisory officers who need support with regard to compliance while maintaining the highest levels of quality and discretion
Highly Demanding Individuals
Everyone for whom we can use our specialist knowledge to add value, incidentally or otherwise
Doelgroep Zantboer & Partners

"Advice aimed at growth, preservation, protection and the transfer of wealth"

Roderik de Beukelaer

Our team

Our team of consultants has received extensive training and specialises in advising wealthy directors and major shareholders, and families. As a result, you can rely on our expertise and attentiveness.

Denny Vermeer LL.M.


Denny Vermeer graduated in business law in 2009 and in tax law in 2011, both from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Denny started his career at Zantboer & Partners in 2008. Currently, he is ultimately responsible for the practice as a director, together with Roderik de Beukelaer. Denny provides family businesses and their shareholders with a broad range of advice on tax-related matters and focuses on structuring. Denny is ambitious and decisive, and highly focused on the development of team members and the firm as a whole.

Roderik de Beukelaer LL.M.


Roderik has worked at Zantboer & Partners since 2018. He is ultimately responsible for the practice as a director, together with Denny Vermeer. In 2008, he graduated in tax law from Tilburg University and in notarial law from Radboud University Nijmegen. Roderik has also completed the mediation training programme. He is involved in advising family businesses and wealthy individuals, with a focus on estate planning. He is a member of the Association of Collaborative Professionals and a teacher on the Family Law Legal Specialist training programme at the Institute for Mediation and Family Law Education (in Dutch, IMFO). Roderik is enthusiastic and competent and has strong problem-solving skills.

Exchange ideas with us

Interested in finding out how Zantboer & Partners can help you? Meet one of our specialists. You will be welcome to come to our office in Rotterdam or Breda, or meet us at a location of your choice.

info@zantboer.nl +31 (0)88 - 4606474

Visiting addresses

Kralingseweg 241
3062 CE Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Rithmeesterpark 24
4838 GZ Breda
The Netherlands

Postal address

P.O. Box 8560
3009 AN Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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