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Our team of consultants has received extensive training and specialises in advising wealthy directors and major shareholders, and families. As a result, you can rely on our expertise and attentiveness. If you would like to receive advice on matters such as restructuring, estate planning or transfer of assets,contact our specialists now.

Denny Vermeer LL.M.


Denny Vermeer graduated in business law in 2009 and in tax law in 2011, both from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Denny started his career at Zantboer & Partners in 2008. Currently, he is ultimately responsible for the practice as a director, together with Roderik de Beukelaer. Denny provides family businesses and their shareholders with a broad range of advice on tax-related matters and focuses on structuring. Denny is ambitious and decisive, and highly focused on the development of team members and the firm as a whole.

Roderik de Beukelaer LL.M.


Roderik has worked at Zantboer & Partners since 2018. He is ultimately responsible for the practice as a director, together with Denny Vermeer. In 2008, he graduated in tax law from Tilburg University and in notarial law from Radboud University Nijmegen. Roderik has also completed the mediation training programme. He is involved in advising family businesses and wealthy individuals, with a focus on estate planning. He is a member of the Association of Collaborative Professionals and a teacher on the Family Law Legal Specialist training programme at the Institute for Mediation and Family Law Education (in Dutch, IMFO). Roderik is enthusiastic and competent and has strong problem-solving skills.

Pieter Dekkers MSc

Tax advisor

Pieter joined Zantboer & Partners in 2022. He graduated from Tilburg University in fiscal economy in 2013. After completing his studies, he gained experience in tax consultancy, with a particular focus on family businesses and their shareholders. Pieter is has extensive expertise in the issues that family businesses can encounter. Pieter is proactive and always enthusiastic about finding the solution that best aligns with the client’s wishes.

Yvette Stolk MB RB

Tax advisor

Yvette has been working at Zantboer & Partners since July 2023. Prior to this, Yvette worked for nearly 15 years in the general tax practice at Moore DRV. In addition to advising family businesses and their shareholders, Yvette is responsible for the office's compliance practice. Yvette is proactive and meticulous, always focused on the interests of the client.

Elizabeth Flanderhijn LL.M.

Tax adivsor

Elizabeth has been part of the team since June 2023. Prior to this, Elizabeth gained almost 6 years of experience in the general tax advisory practice at Moore DRV. Elizabeth is pragmatic and solution-oriented, and she explicitly focuses on her own development and the development of team members to enhance the service provided to our clients.

Karlijn Uiterwaal LL.M.

Tax adivsor

Karlijn has been working at Zantboer & Partners since July 2023. Prior to that, she worked for almost 6 years in the general tax advisory practice, including at Moore DRV. Karlijn has a special interest in estate planning and is involved in advising family businesses and their shareholders. She understands the challenges that the family behind a family business faces and is happy to provide advice on these matters.

Mandy Memel LL.M.

Tax advisor

Mandy joined Zantboer & Partners as a tax consultant in September 2021, after graduating in tax law from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2020. Mandy is involved in tax compliance practice and advising family businesses and their shareholders on everyday tax issues. She is passionate about giving customised advice and takes a critical view of how that advice is executed. In addition, she particularly focuses on her personal growth and the growth of the firm.

Mitch Buiks MSc

Tax advisor

Mitch has been working at Zantboer & Partners since 1 May 2021 and graduated in fiscal economics from Tilburg University in 2022. Mitch is involved in the tax return practice and gives advice on day-to-day tax issues of family businesses and their shareholders. Mitch is a true team player and values personal contact.

Sanne Deijkers LL.M.

Tax advisor

Sanne joined Zantboer & Partners in March 2022 after graduating in Tax Law from Erasmus University in August 2022. She is involved in the firm's day-to-day advisory and tax return operations. She is motivated, enthusiastic and enjoys working on her professional and personal growth so that she can give Zantboer & Partners' clients optimum advice.

Arie Robbemont LL.M.

Tax adivsor

Arie started at Zantboer & Partners on May 1, 2023, as a tax advisor, after gaining 4 years of experience in general advisory practice outside the organization. Arie made a very deliberate choice to further specialize in the private client practice. Arie focuses on the interests of the client and is able to translate their needs into comprehensible advice.

Daphne van Wanrooij LL.M.

Tax adivsor

Daphne has been part of the team at Zantboer & Partners since June 2023, after gaining 2 years of experience outside the organization. Daphne made a deliberate move to Zantboer & Partners to further specialize in advising private clients. She is enthusiastic, proactive, and focused on her professional growth.

Amy van den Burg LLB


Amy has been involved with Zantboer & Partners as a working student since June 2023. In this role, she supports the tax compliance and advisory practice. In addition to her working student position, she is pursuing studies in Tax Law and Dutch Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Joey Man

Executive secretary

Joey has worked as an Executive Secretary at Zantboer & Partners since August 2022. Prior to that, she gained extensive experience in positions at various multinationals including as an Executive Secretary and Marketing Coordinator. Helping clients is her top priority and she enjoys supporting the team. Joey is proactive, conscientious, takes on any task and has an affinity for numbers.

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